“Vacationing by chartered yacht is one of life’s most pleasurable experiences. Discriminating travellers know the value and luxury that a private floating sanctuary has to offer. However, the experience can be most daunting partly because there is so much from which to choose. Time schedules must be considered, weather conditions, the proper crew, size speed, and on-board accommodations. That’s where Ultra Marine comes in. Cindy Brown started this exclusive New York based private and corporate international yacht charter company. Her cadre of power and sail yacht is impeccable, her ability to listen to her client’s special needs and requirements is unparalleled, and her co-ordination of every detail for the perfect holiday, business retreat, honeymoon, or adventure is without equal.

It’s soothing to realise that your gourmet dining, whether formal or alfresco and all activities both on and off the water, will be handled with your comfort and pleasure in mind. Your itinerary, whether New England, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, the Far East or beyond will be custom designed specifically to your tastes. Need your favourite down pillow in a light lavender Pratesi pillowcase? Like your margarita frozen not over-the rocks? Prefer Mozart to the Rolling Stones? Need to be in Monte Carlo for the Grand Prix? No worry, Ultra Marine goes the distance.”

you dream it, we make it happen.

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