It is said that after the Ancient Greeks visited the French island of Corsica they returned home so mesmerized by this small slice of paradise they called it Kallisté, meaning ‘the most beautiful’.

And still today, thousands of years later, this delightful island which lies between Tuscany and the French Riviera in the Mediterranean Sea, continues to charm millions of visitors every year.

Many of those visitors discover the ‘most beautiful island’ on Mediterranean sailing charters as it is now one of the most popular destinations in Europe amongst luxury yacht charter clients.

It’s easy to see why. Famed as being the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, Corsica boasts more than 1,000km of some of the most stunning coastlines in the world with a breath-taking interior to match.  And while the island, just 183km long, is only 170km from the French mainland, it feels extremely exotic as those on Mediterranean sailing charter will quickly realize.

The island can be easily divided into two halves: Haute Corse in the north, and Corse-du-Sud, in the south, both of which should ideally be incorporated into any itinerary for luxury yacht charters in the Mediterranean.

For glitz and glamor on your Mediterranean sailing charter head to the south-east coast, near the resort town and Gulf of Porto Vecchio. Anchor off the famous beaches of Plage de Palombaggia and Plage de Santa Giulia and enjoy the stunning turquoise bays that are fringed with kilometers of white sand.

Another region which is definitely recommended for your luxury yacht charter in the Mediterranean is the south-west coast of the island, where the coastline is more rugged and dotted with intimate bays carved from the rocks.

No luxury yacht charter in Corsica would be complete without a visit to what is for many the highlight of this beautiful island: Bonifacio.

Bonifacio is a charming town which teeters on the edge of limestone cliffs, on the southern tip of the island.
The Old Town was built by the Genoese in 828 AD to protect the outermost frontier of Tuscany from foe, and it’s natural harbour is one of the most picturesque you can hope to visit on Mediterranean yacht charter.

Bonifacio also boasts a first-class marina which is surrounded by a plethora of vibrant bars, restaurants and luxury boutiques – ensuring that a stop here on your luxury yacht charter is a hit with all the guests on board.

And finally, don’t forget to visit the north-west coastline which is called La Balagne, or the Garden of Corsica. This scenic stretch of coastline boasts the famous beach of Plage de Saleccia, famous for its soft white sand, clear azure sea and natural backdrop. This beach is extremely difficult to access apart from by boat, so it’s the perfect place to visit for some quiet time on your luxury yacht charter.

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